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We provide corporate legal advice that is practical, tax advantageous and consistent with the objectives of the client.

Dispute Resolution/Litigation

Successful dispute resolution requires more than just a desire to win. To achieve the best outcome, your attorneys need to know when to use force versus finesse.

Real Estate

It takes some savvy, creativity and innovation to become successful in the highly competitive, sometimes volatile, commercial real estate industry.

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All of our attorneys have strong educational backgrounds and broad professional experience; however, each attorney concentrates in only one practice area. We represent clients in a personalized and highly responsive manner in corporate, litigation and real estate matters.

We provide these services to a wide spectrum of clients, large and small, including private and publicly held companies, private equity and venture capital firms, institutional investors, lenders, families and individuals. Our extensive business experience, coupled with a proactive approach to addressing our clients’ legal and financial needs, enables our clients to focus their attention on growth and success.

Our attorneys have the legal and transactional experience to assist clients in making operational and strategic decisions to build and capture value. We pride ourselves on providing timely, proactive solutions and practical advice to our clients, making us a value-added strategic partner in their businesses. Our goal is not only to satisfy a client’s needs, but to anticipate them as well.

Emerging Views® Blog

Preparing for Potential Defaults under a Corporate Loan Agreement As the coronavirus pandemic continues to depress large swaths of the economy, many businesses continue to experience significant revenue shortfall, and in some instances cash flow has ceased entirely. Unfortunately, for corporate borrowers, this raises the specter of a default on their loan obligations as they…

The Lifecycle of an Opportunity Zone Investment: A Six-Part Series Part 6 Exiting an Opportunity Zone Investment As you are surely aware if you’ve read Parts 1-5 of this Series, each and every aspect of the opportunity zone investment process is both complex and, at least to some extent, fraught with uncertainty. The exit planning…

Drawing Down on Existing Lines of Credit. In a recent post, we examined the pandemic’s effect on corporate loan agreements and identified some key issues that borrowers should consider. In this post, we examine one of these key issues in greater detail, namely drawing down on existing lines of credit, or ’revolvers’. As a result…

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