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About Us

Change your viewpoint

Progressive and innovative are not typical concepts that spring to mind when you think of your attorney. But at Martin LLP, our clients routinely use those terms to describe us. They value our fresh business views and our smart, no-nonsense approach to legal services. In turn, we pride ourselves on delivering senior level big law expertise cost effectively, making us true value-added strategic partners.

It takes one to know one

We’ve represented middle market companies and their founders and investors for so long that we are of one mind when it comes to achieving their business goals. Just like the clients we represent, we bring passion and ingenuity to every transaction and every issue – and we provide value that goes far beyond typical legal services.

Chambers & Partners calls us a “compact team with expertise across the breadth of corporate law and M&A matters." Our scope of services spans corporate, real estate and litigation matters. We serve as trusted advisors, helping clients to make operational and strategic decisions that maximize their business opportunities.

Today, we embody the best attributes of any successful investor and entrepreneur: high energy, strategic, committed, opportunistic, goal-driven, disciplined, meticulous, and of course, progressive and innovative.

Some say our methods are novel. Our clients say it is a refreshing new viewpoint.

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