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Start-Up Companies

We love start-ups!

As a smaller law firm, we are entrepreneurs just like you. We know first-hand the importance of building a sound business infrastructure, strategic planning and smart resource management. We also know that for many entrepreneurs, starting a new business venture is as much about personal adventure as it is about commerce. It’s an exciting time, and we love being a part of that journey.

We can relate

Our firm was founded to advise and advance entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners. With a long-held entrepreneurial spirit, we bring many years of experience to helping start-ups realize their full potential. After all, we see ourselves reflected in our emerging company clients. We think you will, too.

A good lifecycle fit

We will help you build the right foundation for your business. With practical understanding and resources, we will guide you through the early and growth stages of your business and beyond, and will assist you through each step of the process. 

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