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Executive Compensation

What is your most important business asset?

If you said, your executives and employees, you are right.

Today, more than ever, a successful business needs to attract, motivate, reward and protect top talent. Human capital management has become mission critical to maintaining a competitive edge, but the legal and administrative complexities surrounding executive compensation and employment can be burdensome.

That’s where we can help. We have extensive experience providing legal counsel in connection with all stages of the employment relationship, from both the company's and executive's perspective. We have extensive experience in representing executives in transition, assisting them with negotiating new employment and compensation arrangements with new employers, and with negotiating their exit arrangements with previous employers, and understanding the legal consequences of both

Why choose Martin LLP?

We assist in structuring competitive equity programs and negotiating all types of employment, retirement, severance, consulting and non-compete agreements. We advise on the tax, corporate, securities law, ERISA and employment law aspects of all of these programs, as well as fiduciary aspects of administering them.

We also have considerable experience in representing family offices in the many issues that arise in the ongoing administration of their offices, with particular emphasis on human resources, employee benefits, compensation planning, and employee staffing issues.

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