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Middle Market Companies

Breakthrough thinking

As a middle market company, you want to work with attorneys who bring the same passion and innovation to your business as you do. At Martin LLP, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams and market disrupters reinvent industries is what gets us up in the morning. From growing a business to exit, middle market company clients are drawn to our ability to share in their vision and guide them toward success.

Break new ground

The only thing that matches our excitement is our expertise. We assist companies at all stages of development – as well as their founders and investors – with the complex and often unique issues involved in growing a business or commercializing a technology. Offering vital business and legal advice, our work spans:

  • Initial organization and capital structure
  • Equity financings
  • Debt financings
  • Employment and executive compensation
  • Manufacturing, distribution and licensing agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Exits

Break the mold

Unlike the typical law firm, we stay focused on getting the deal done with distinction. Our practical, pragmatic solutions keep you free from unnecessary distractions and help you stay on course. And, as a smaller firm, we are nimble, accessible, and truly one-on-one with clients. With us there is no pretense: you will always have a partner-led team that strives to be the mainspring behind your success.

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